Refugee Rainbow keeps it simple.
We provide dignity and direct assistance in three ways.
Commissary Funds

We deposit funds for supplemental food, phone calls, and toiletries for those held in prison-like detention centers. Many asylum-seekers we communicate with report that they do not receive adequate food or enrichment activities and cannot communicate with friends or loved ones because of exaggerated costs inside detention centers. Each deposit includes a friendly letter of encouragement and support, along with our contact information.

Clothing and Travel Items

When an asylum-seeker is deported, they often have nothing but the clothes they came in with months or years prior. We provide a dignified departure to those awaiting deportation by sending new and appropriately-sized clothing, travel bags, and books. Left over commissary money can also be withdrawn and used for food, shelter, and transportation upon arrival to their home country. Imagine the first days after arriving home without a dollar in your pocket--a very dangerous prospect for many seeking asylum.

Basic Needs Assistance

We take recently released asylum-seekers (those living in the U.S.) to shop for new clothes and other immediate needs. This boosts spirits, self-esteem, and alleviates some of the stressors from starting a new life in a new place. 

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